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Matt Haas does a lot of things all over the interwebs! Check it out!


awesome wood things

Awesome Wood Things

Matt makes things out of wood that are awesome!, YouTube, Facebook Page, Instagram, Patreon, American Woodworkers FB Group, Instructables, Etsy & Email Newsletter Sign-Up 


awesome fun things

Awesome Fun Things

Videos about the fun things Matt does.

YouTube & Super Terrific Awesome Show re-uploads to Rumble 


piano awesome

Piano Awesome

Matt makes videos of himself playing the piano.



harrisburg senators fan club

Harrisburg Senators Fan Club, Member

Matt plans events for people passionate about Harrisburg’s Minor League Baseball Team

Facebook Page & Email Newsletter Sign-Up 


wizard of haas

Wixard of Haas

Where troubles melt like lemon drops


awesome taco memes

Awesome Taco Memes

Matt's a meme admin. Yes, that's that thing and it's awesome!

Facebook Page 


all things youtube

All Things YouTube

Matt makes videos and live streams about growing an audience on YouTube., Course, YouTube, Facebook Group, Locals, Patreon, Buy me a coffee, Twitter, Podcast, Donate Crypto, Amazon LIVE & Email Newsletter Sign-Up

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