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Who is Matt Haas?

☝️ This is Matt Haas. Matt’s a web developer, graphic designer, woodworker, YouTuber, father, husband & geek! Matt strives to remove mediocrity from all areas of his life.

Matt’s unique blend of artistic and technical skills enable him to create great looking products with just the right amount of technology.

Matt Haas is a creative professional with many passions:

• 📈 Business Analyst — Matt organizes the chaos so things are done: faster/better/cheaper
• 🪚 Woodworker — Matt makes things. Awesome things.
• 👨‍💻 Web Developer — Former contributor to the W3C
• 🎨 Graphic Designer — Adobe Illustrator Certified Expert
• 🎥 YouTuber All Channels
• 🎹 Pretty Good Piano Player
• 🕺 Dance Contest Winner 🏆Performance
• 🦁 Lion Attack Survivor
• 🦫 Whac-A-Mole World Champion — Self-Proclaimed
• 🌮 Taco Enthusiast
• 🤓 Self-Proclaimed Geek!

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