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As of 2023, Matt has created 107 websites for small and medium-sized companies. Drupal was used in the early days and more recently, WordPress. Some sites are created from scratch using xhtml.

Matt is self-taught. It all started with a desktop database application called FileMaker Pro. Matt created a FileMaker system that was used early in his career to manage the creation of college textbook art. From there it was a short jump to learning web-based database technology and understanding the complex server architecture needed to make solutions available across the globe.

One of Matt’s clients is a large manufacturing company that uses a hand-coded PHP/MySQL system he started creating in 2011. It’s still in use today. This system is mission critical and used daily by over 100 people (customers and staff). It performs all business functions: order capture, tracks the manufacturing process through multiple departments, shipping, and invoicing. It’s built on AWS and has an average uptime of 99.99%. LAMP for life!

Matt was a contributor to the W3C and worked on EPUB3 & Web Annotations. He worked with some of the smartest people in the world from: Google, Apple, Adobe, and so many others. Matt has many fun stories to tell about this… so, ask him.

Matt attended a meeting at Google in Irvin, California. Many people visit the Google offices but few are invited to work with the staff as Matt has done. It was fun for Matt to catch a glimpse of what happens behind-the-scenes at Google.

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