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Matt had an analog upright piano in his childhood home but his younger self never learned to play.

At age 49, Matt had mastered 2 dimensional graphics and video editing. Audio seemed like the next logical step in Matt’s creative journey. That’s also the time he watched the Bohemian Rhapsody movie where Freddy Mercury played the piano. It was at this point where Matt wondered why he never played the piano earlier in his life and decided he would learn to play this instrument.

He prefers to play songs from the ‘80s… especially rock and roll. Hair bands are his favorite!

One thing Matt noticed about people in the piano community is that everything is often very formal… very stuffy. In an effort to lighten things up, he always has one stuffed animal on, or near, his piano to add a bit more fun.

Not surprisingly, Matt makes videos of his performances on the Piano Awesome channel.

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