5885546921_32c4eddd37_b (1) Matt Haas

What I Do

  • Database Driven Websites
    • WordPress websites for small businesses and community organizations (portfolio)
  • Graphic Design for Web/Print
  • IT Consulting/Application Development
    • PHP/MySQL web development

More About Me

My unique blend of artistic and technical skills enable me to create great looking products with just the right amount of technology.

  • Very Creative
    • Products created are elegant and intuitive
  • Great Design Skills
    • Degree in Commercial Art/Visual Communications
  • Publishing Professional
    • Broad experience with pre-press techniques and media production
  • Information Technology Professional
    • Data will never be manually entered more than once
  • Programmer / Application Developer
    • Websites and applications function flawlessly
  • Consultant for IT, Web & Print
    • Technology should not get in the way. It should allow you to focus on running your business.
  • Training and Support
    • I’m a former teacher. Complex issues are communicated in “plain English.”
  • Passionate About All Things Technical
    • Self-proclaimed geek!
  • Lion* Attack** Survivor
  • Everything else I do for fun!

* Lion was a baby cub
** The “attack” was more like playful nibbles